Welcome to the New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Direct Deposit page. This application allows you to have your unemployment insurance benefits directly deposited into your designated financial institution. You can also change your financial institution or an account number of a previously approved direct deposit.

  • If you are a New Jersey resident, you will need your New Jersey state issued Identification Card or New Jersey Driver's License, or the Personal Identification Number (PIN) from your Unemployment Insurance benefit claim.
    Out-of-state residents must have a valid Personal Identification Number (PIN) from your Unemployment Insurance benefit claim.

  • If you would like to switch from direct deposit and receive a debit card instead, you must fill out Form BC-502 Authorization for Benefit Payment by Direct Deposit or Debit Card and mail it to New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Instructions and a mailing address are included on the form.

If you apply for direct deposit or a make a change to your direct deposit information, do not mail in a paper application.

If you certify for unemployment benefits first and then add direct deposit the same day, the week(s) that you certified for will not be directly deposited into your account but rather you will receive your benefits by your default payment method. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you add direct deposit first and then certify for benefits. If you certify for benefits first and then change your direct deposit information the same day, the weeks that you certified for will be directly deposited into your previous account. Therefore, we strongly recommend you change direct deposit information first then certify for benefits or wait until the next day after certifying to change your direct deposit information. Direct Deposit can take up to 24 hours to take effect, so if you certify for benefits immediately after entering your direct deposit information, your check may not be directly deposited into your new account. In either instance your added or changed direct deposit information will be saved and updated the next business day.

Please be advised that if your computer is idle for 30 minutes or more, your session will "time out" and all of your information will be lost. If you exit before completing the direct deposit application, all of your information will be lost.

Data Privacy and Security


The information collected as a result of your application for unemployment compensation is private data and cannot be released except when authorized by state or federal law, by a court order, or with your permission. The information you or your employer(s) provide may be used for New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development business and may be used to provide an income and eligibility verification between State Agencies administering programs under a plan approved under Title I, X, XIV, XVI of the Social Security Act as indicated under Section 1137 (a)(6) of the Social Security Act. It may be shared with other state or federal agencies that determine your eligibility for Medicaid, Food Stamps, Social Security, or other state or federal benefits and programs. Your Social Security Number will be validated with the Social Security Administration. If you are not a citizen of the United States, your work authorization in the United States will be validated with Homeland Security.

Special Security Notice


Precautions are being taken to keep the information you provide in this application private and secure. This online application uses a secure connection. Data submitted using this application is encrypted. You should be aware that using a shared computer may allow others to view your personal information.